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Hullo! So you’ve stumbled across my icon journal, welcome! I primarily post graphic things such as icons, layouts, bases, the whole shabang. Movies, music, art, and books attract my interest everyday. Some of my favorite movies are Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Happy Feet, and Elizabethtown. Music that I love includes Dashboard Confessional, Face, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. Anyways, check out some icons, layouts, and friend me I you like!

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The Layout

The base code for this layout was created by premade_ljs. The rest of the changes were made by seeker22

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New Community! [07/02/08]
Hey guys! So just a quick note - I started a new community called bakingbots, and it's a community strictly for desserts.  Everything from recipes and questions to tricks and tips of baking are welcome.  So click on the link above and check it out! 


Vida La Vida or Death and All His Friends [06/21/08]

Wow..it's been awhile since I last posted.  Anywho...I decided to do a small review of the latest Coldplay album "Vida la Vida or Death and All His Friends".  Click the eljay cut below to read more. 

So, I'm thinking of taking a new direction with my journal..I want to review more...like movies, music, etc. because that sort of thing interests me.  So just a heads up...a little more reviewing, a little less graphics, maybe a little less writing. 


[mood| dorky]
[music| Ratatouille - Michael Giacchino ]

Ugh, I haven't updated in a few months, but what better way then to post about Harry Potter? Well, there isn't much to describe it but absolutely-fantastically-perfect. Seriously. So I fully praise David Yates and Michael Goldenberg's work on this movie!
Spoilers are present, of course, because it's my breakdown of the movie. :D

The Rest of My Thoughts....Collapse )

Aslan Coloring Tutorial [01/14/07]

Creating the coloring of the Aslan icon: 


Milo Ventimiglia and Shoebox Project Icons [01/14/07]
[mood| mellow] 

[1] Rory and Logan
[5] Milo Ventimiglia 
[4] Rory and Jess
[7] Shoebox Project Text-Only 
[1] Milo Ventimiglia Banner

Can you tell I've been stuck in a Gilmore Girls/Milo Ventimiglia rut for the past weekend?



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Shoebox Project Text-Only Icons [01/08/07]
[mood| thirsty]

Couple of shoebox_project text-only icons!
Shoebox full of goodiesCollapse )

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32 icons at Pick My Best [07/21/06]
[mood| drained]
[music| The Colorado Rockies losing *grumbles*]

Again, I've enter about 32 icons in pickmybest and would absolutely love you to vote and give some feedback. Please read the voter's rules before you vote because they're somewhat specific.

You can find my entry here.

2 new layouts [07/20/06]

[mood| lazy]

1 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest layout
1 Keira and Orlando layout

Previews, codes, and rules are behind the cut!


Multi-Fandom Icons [07/15/06]
[mood| hot]
[music| In the Dark of the Night - Anastasia Soundtrack ]

A multi-fandom icon post. About 10 absolutely adorable faces of Orlando Bloom from the Pirates press conference.


Pirates of the Caribbean Icons [07/08/06]

[mood| full]

Okay for those who don't know, or haven't heard, the new Pirates movie is fantastic! There's actually no word that can describe how good I thought is was. So, in celebration, a set of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

I don't think that there are spoilers but it is from the new movie, so beware!

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Multi-Fandom Icons [07/05/06]
[mood| excited]

Happy 4th to those of you whole live in the U.S.  Which it's really the 5th now, but better late than never!  I'm finally updating with a shipload of icons:

[15] Fashion Photography/ Models
[10] Pirates of the Caribbean
[2] Marie Antoinette (the movie)
[8] Misc.



25 icons at Pick My Best [06/23/06]

[mood| loved]
[music| Got To Get You Into My Life - The Beatles]

If anyone is interested, I've enter about 25 icons in pickmybest.  Voting is going on until June 30th and I would appreciate it if you swung over there and vote!  Make sure you read the voting rules beforehand, as they are very specific!   You can find my entry here.


Multi-Fandom Icons [06/13/06]

[15] The Chronicles of Narnia
[11] Places (i.e. London, Paris)
[9] Elizabethtown
[7] Misc.
[5] Lost
[5] Flowers
[3] Statues
[2] Shoebox Project
[2] Disney
[2] Pride and Prejudice (2005)


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Model Icons/Bases [06/13/06]

Model bases, mostly female, only about two males. Total of 50.



Resources [06/05/06]

[mood| determined]

Here's a list of resources I've used and couldn't have done without while making my icons:


Multi-fandom icons [05/05/06]
[40] Harry Potter
[4] Star Wars
[6] Phantom of the Opera
[2] Pirates of the Caribbean
[23] Misc.

If you use my icons, please either link or credit me!  


James/Lily "Daddy Dearest" [05/04/06]

Title: Daddy Dearest
Author: seeker22
Ship: James Potter/Lily Evans
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,122
Summary: Mr. Evans has 10 simple rules for dating his daughter.  10 simple rules he knows James will not cross.  Those 10 rules that will make James’ night a living hell.  

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My First Icon Tutorial! [07/29/05]

Okay, so lets see how this goes. 

Going from   to


Click for tutorial!Collapse )


New Icons! [07/24/05]
[ mood | hungry ]

Okay, I made just a couple new avatars.  Some from Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and Actors...



Feel free to use only if you:  Credit me and comment!


[ mood | cheerful ]


I am such a complainer! Photobucket's back up! Yay! Here's a few of avatars I made for people! Please leave a comment of what you think of them, whether you think they're good or...crap, for lack of a better word.

Hey, if you want me to make you an avatar, leave me a comment!  Jeez, I sound very needy of a comment.  *Announcer voice* If you would like to donate to my needy comment fund, please comment! Lol, just kidding.



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